Changing Eating Habits with a Global Pandemic at Effect

In the wake of a novel global pandemic, COVID-19, the whole world has witnessed changes and adaptations like never before. Food and the everyday diet of people are also a part of this big change that was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Extensive studies on this topic have revealed that food habits all around the world have witnessed massive fluctuations since COVID became widespread around March 2020.

When the first lockdowns were announced in 2020 all over the world, there was a shortage of everything including food supplies, as the pandemic took an unexpected turn and escalated pretty quickly. People began hoarding whatever was available, leading to further problems of scarcity. In India, especially in Kerala, from what we have seen, most of the households went back to the local produces available plenty at their own houses or neighborhoods.

The lockdown also affected and disrupted the daily life of all of us, forcing people to stay at home with fewer things to do around. The lack of social interaction which led to depression and anxiety issues resulted in highly fluctuated eating schedules and irregular frequency.

People also turned to food delivery apps when sudden lockdowns were announced with less time to prepare, or when they have been quarantined. There seems to be a rise in new food delivery startups similar to the popular Swiggy and Zomato apps. While new ones have arrived, the already established services are rising in popularity and demand as hotels and restaurants are restricted to take-away services only.

At the beginning of the lockdown times, food videos or new food challenges were trending insanely on different social media platforms. People who were stuck at home enthusiastically took up the best cooking challenges. With time to spare and more family interactions, most people have made the best out of what the situation could offer. It is safe to say that most of us might have mastered a few dishes during this lockdown period. There also was a frenzy for baking, and almost anyone and everyone became decent home bakers.

The global pandemic situation has certainly changed food habits drastically in both ways.

We can note that the COVID-19 situation has affected the food habits of people for good as well as bad. While some choose to eat healthy local products and start working out with plenty of free time in their hand, some others were affected badly leading to unhealthy diet choices.

As the country is nearing a record peak in the second wave of COVID-19 now, and states and major cities are ordering strict lockdowns, it is time to choose what is best for you if you haven’t done it yet. Make healthy food choices while you are locked at home. Eating healthy is not only just a matter of lifestyle choice now, but it is also strengthening your immunity against COVID-19 and opting for the wise choice as a community. Let us eat healthy to stay healthy and fight COVID-19.

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