elon musks starlink project

The fascinating future project!


Elon musk is really fascinated with India because of the New Tesla which is going to enter in Indian MARKET very soon and this is going to revolutionize the entire Indian market. One of his second venture is ready to enter in Indian market. There were lot of rumours that SpaceX’s Starlink launching in India are taking place. Now its been confirmed finally Starlink is going to be launched in Indian in 2022.

The Main Vision of Space X is to bring high speed internet to all part of the world. Before Launch itself Starlink has opened itself for taking pre orders for $99 and these preorder will secure the instalment of Starlink kit which will be limited for few months in the region when available .

Starlink includes a satellite dish ,tripod and a WIFI Router. Subscription amount is fully refundable only on the cost of priority access services. As part of the Starlink program Space X has launched a lot of satellite in to earth orbit .The Speed of the broadband is going to be 300Mbps which is double as fast as the current high speed. At present the beta testing speed of Starlink shown that it can offer a speed of 50Mbps to 150Mps with the distance between 20ms and 40ms. In India there will be a tough competitions is going to come in future already there is broadband providers like Reliance Jio fiber and Airtel Xreeme.

There are approximate of 700 million internet users in India which will be continued to grow by 974 million users by 2025.




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