The New Telegram App is becoming popular day by day. Telegram is same like an online message app like Whatsapp and Signal.

Telegram is cloud based and give importance for the security and Speed .Its a good competitor to other popular messaging apps.


As per the report Telegram has surpassed 500 million active users in the first week of January.


With regards to the WhatsApp new controversial policy and its sharing of certain user date with facebook,last two weeks we saw a

tremendous increase in new downloads for Telegram and Signal.Telegram available on Google playstore and Andriod phone.

Telegram app has recieved an updated version 4.7 that brings support for multiple accounts ad fast reply for both

Android and IOS devices.Telegram provides unlimted storage all ou text messages, photos, images , files and documents willbe saved on their cloud.you can log out and login “N” number of times from any number of devices parralelly with out losing any data , need not worry about the back up.


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