unemployment due to covid-19


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COVID -19 leads to global unemployment 

The entire world is facing different kinds of threats due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. One of the major and serious issues is the jobs shortfall.  The jobs shortfall was around 75 million in 2021 and is expected to be increased to 23 million in 2022. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO) report. It is going to be around 16 months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic. It is not a crisis, it’s also been an employment and a humanitarian crisis as well.

The report says the impact of the crisis on the labor sector across the world and provides projections for revamping, gives information of the unequal impact of the crisis on different jobs and enterprises, and calls for broad-based human-centered steps.

There has been an unexpected d disruption to the worldwide labor market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has badly affected the lives of the upcoming generation and brought about issues to their education, especially in those regions of the world where digital facilities less developed. Also made it more blow on the entire labor market and hold on to their jobs. It is badly affecting the lifestyle of the people. People are suffering from loans EMI’s and other types of installments. Working from home was not an option for informal and low-skilled workers. Many had to meet huge health risks to keep their jobs, often with no source for social security benefits. According to the ILO report, an estimated additional 108 million workers and their family members are struggling with poverty. We can see the effect of covid-19 attacked almost all the industries.

The long road to recovery’s

Developing countries like India facing big economic insecurity.  The latest report of the State Bank of India points out the, in its reduced the gross domestic product growth projection for   2021-22 to 7.9 percent from 10.4 percent. Economic and labor market rejuvenation is expected to start in 2021 but it would remain uneven globally and not able to close the gaps opened up by the pandemic crisis. The reformation would remain fragile in many countries due to the uneven rollout of vaccination procedures and higher levels of public deficits and debts that would make it hard to tackle the effects of the covid-19. The situation will go to any dangerous point unless creating productive employment opportunities and foster long-term labor market prospects for the most vulnerable. The government and reputed agencies should implement effective ways to secure the life of its citizens.

 Women’s Insecurity in Carrier

Women have been affected “disproportionately” by the crisis, seeing a 5% employment fall in recent years, compared to 3.9 percent for men. “A greater volume of women also fell out of the labor industry, becoming inactive,” ILO said, noting that “additional domestic roles” had effected by lockdowns which risked a “re-rationalization” of women roles. Youth carrier has also continued to suffer the economic decrease, falling 8.7 percent in last year, compared with 3.7 percent for adults. The most pronounced fall has been in middle-income people where the after-effects of this delay and disruption to the early labor market experience of young people “could last for years”, ILO informed.

Jobs gap

The world cannot find a proper remedy for covid-19.  A 100 % security still far away. The changing virus generation makes the world in the worst situations.  An organization based in Geneva points out an increase of 75 million in 2021, which is likely to fall to 23 million in 2022 – if the pandemic plays its dangerous role. Many companies and organizations reduced working hours which takes into account the jobs gap and those working fewer hours, amounts to the equivalent of 100 million full-time jobs in 2021 and 26 million in 2022. The government should do an effective solution to solve the insecurity.

 Impact of lockdown for unemployment

The frequent situation of lockdown plays a major role in unemployment. Till now, the effect of lockdowns has been somewhat limited compared to the initial wave when there was a mass exodus of migrant workers to their native places.  However, a resumption in labor markets may not happen quickly, even though there is hope that India may have crossed the second wave of the pandemic. Even after the first wave, when the economy was moving towards normal, many migrant laborers had chosen to get back home. Now, people are not willing to start new things.  Because people are not able to get surety for their return.

  The psychology of job loss during Unemployment

Around the world, economies are all facing similar symptoms as millions of people lost jobs in Covid-19. It is going to be a global pandemic of unemployment. Further compounding these dramatic figures is the speed at which people suddenly found themselves without a job – either laid off with some form of termination salary, compel to take indefinite unpaid leave. This is, of course, a financial issue for many who have suddenly lost their salary. Many people around the world committed suicide due to financial crises. Still, many people are getting tensed to manage their life.   There was an unemployment situation in the world even before the pandemic situation. Now, the situation attacking all around the world. So this is stopping people to migrate other countries.

What is the effective solution to meet unemployment in the world?

The pandemic continues to spread across the world following a trajectory that is hard to predict. The health, humanitarian and socio-economic policies adopted by countries will decide the speed and strength of the recovery to get rid of unemployment situations in the world. It is a universal issue, so the entire world should work together to save the life of people without looking at the color, caste, religion, etc.  A coordinated universal effort is needed to support countries that currently do not have sufficient fiscal space to finance economic policy, in particular global social protection systems.  As well as tackling the immediate steps of the crisis, the international organization now has a unique opportunity to execute policies aimed at achieving social justice and a human-centered future of employment.

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