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why mobile phones or cell phones are dangerous


Main reason why people are worried about mobile or cellphones have the ability to cause certain types of cancers. Mobile phones emits

radio frequency radiation from their antennas. Other than that it may influence our central nervous system. They may have a impact on

Headaches, losing temper, sleep disorders , and depression.

Mobile phones should be kept at least half an inch away from your body .


Below are the few steps that you can reduce the overuse of radio frequency radiation.


Always use speaker mode and use ear buds or head phones and always maintain distance between your body and mobile phone.

Avoid making calls if the signal is weak as this causes mobile phone to increases the radiofrequency power .


Overuse of Mobile phone increase the risk of Accidents on the road causing potential death and Injury.As per the National safety council

reports due to mobile phone use while driving there are 1.6 millions crashes reported each year .Lot of people die while texting and driving .


Teenagers are addicted to the cell phones and internet turns in to addiction as well .Parents are seems to be worried now because 60% of teens feel addicted to mobile devices. Every mobiles phone that provides much benefits comes with a negative impact as well. Among teenager we have seen sleep loss ,stress , and accidents while texting and driving, vision problem as well.




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